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The Pioneer !

Gimbal Adjustments

ALPHA Gimbal - Manual Steering

ALPHA Gimbal - Sensorical Steering

ALPHA Static Fire Test


Pioneer to verify the success of new technologies and to implement them in larger projects


Due to the significantly smaller dimensions, Alpha starts can be carried out with significantly reduced effort

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Fast and direct information exchange for the best possible research progress

Mission Objectives

With the innovation team, a small team has been set up that can quickly implement more complex projects in addition to the large rocket projects. The team's first project is the "Alpha" rocket, which can actively control the Thrust Vector via a motor gimbal in order to actively stabilize itself. In this way, we gain experience in the development of our own control loops and controls.


Since such a development can sometimes be very complex and time-consuming, we decided right from the start to set up a smaller team so that we can work quickly and directly. The innovation team has a structures and an avionics sub-team, in which the individual components are designed and built. Materials and manufacturing processes are used that are being tested and implemented in the innovation team for the first time.


The body tube of Alpha is made of GRP and the gimbal is made of 3D printed parts. Due to the relatively small scale, tests can be carried out quickly and iteratively, so that the rocket and the technology are improved step by step, without the great effort that a CARL launch entails. Thus, the innovation team faces the challenge of developing complex technologies for the space team and pointing out the future.