(Competitive Aachen Rocket Launcher)

"CARL" der Kleine

Following the success of our smaller data-gathering rockets "MoRa", "Duhnsen Brenner" and "FRODO", "CARL" is our first competition-ready high-power rocket set to fly at EuRoC in October 2020. It is one of the fastest developed and manufactured student-rocket by any student-initiative (less than 1 year). CARL was originally designed with the regulations of the Spaceport America Cup 2020 (10,000 feet COTS-engine category) in mind, for which it was the first-ever German team to be officially selected to launch amongst the top student-teams all over the world in June 2020. The competition was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19, but the pandemic could not dent our spirits as we stuck to our decided timeline and followed through with subsequent projects. We now have the opportunity to take it to the European Rocketry Challenge (EuRoC) 2020 and compete with 11 other teams around Europe. CARL is named in part after the great emperor Charlemagne (Karl der Große), who ruled from and died in Aachen. The colours and patch for CARL honour our journey and the entities that have supported us through it.

The nose-cone is a fibre-glass composite to allow for GPS transmission with a 3D-printed core and a specialised nose-tip. The body tube is an aluminium core finished with a completely modern carbon-fibre winding technology and very high safety factors. The engine used is an Aerotech M2400T with a high starting thrust and constant thrust-curve. The avionics are state-of-the-art indigenously developed and programmed systems for maximum telemetry and active feedback for the airbrakes in development. Recovery will be performed through a dual-event parachute system (drogue + main) employing redundant ejection and release technologies. CARL will be carrying 2 scientific payloads in the 3U CubeSat configuration, one to test equipment for our project IMFEX, and the other to test aspects of our upcoming hybrid-rocket project.

Mission Objectives



CARL is our 1st high-power rocket.


2 payloads supporting our own projects.

Project Specifications

  • Target altitude: 3000 m

  • Propulsion: COTS Solid Fuel Motor (Aerotech M2400)

  • Thrust: 2400 N

  • Maximum speed: Mach 0.95 (1164 km/h)

  • Launch weight: 21 kg

  • Payload: 4 kg scientific payload (3U)

  • Recovery: Redundant dual-event parachute system

Project Phases Overview

Our Support

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