We Welcome You

We, Space Team Aachen, are a student association that offers students and interested people the opportunity to pursue their passion for space. As a fairly young association, we have quickly established ourselves in the culture of student initiatives and are happy about a growing number of members. 

In the future, we also hope to contribute to healthy and fulfilling community life in a dynamic city like Aachen, bringing together young and old space enthusiasts, even outside of student circles.

We as a team give our all to achieve our goals and dreams with the means available to us. At the very same time, however, we are also dependent on support from outside.

Aerospace is a field that is coupled with considerable financial efforts. But together with you and our industrial partners, we can overcome this hurdle and fully concentrate on realizing new major milestones. 

One aspect that is very important to us is the sharing and exchange of our personal experiences and enthusiasm for spaceflight. Therefore, we are already looking forward to telling you with sparkling eyes about all the projects that could be realized together with your help. 

You will have the opportunity to be part of the action through newsletters. You can expect exciting insights into the projects we are pursuing as well as our club culture. 

We thank each and every person who supports us in whichever way they can. Together we can achieve things that we can look back on with pride and that perhaps not too long ago seemed a remote prospect. 

In this way, we hope to continue to be an association that enriches society through its actions. Together we create a space for sharing our passion here in Aachen and beyond its borders!

If you feel addressed and are happy to join us, you will find the necessary document after clicking on the button.

Please send the completed document to us at for further processing.