Our Vision for the Space Team Aachen

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Offer students the opportunity to participate in further space projects

Support students in Career development

Promote cooperation with academic and industrial partners

Relevant contributions to technology developments in the space sector

Sharing a passion for space travel

Media & Advertisment



RWTH Aachen

- Company contact on our website

- Individual social media posts

- Logo presence on the rocket and
Competition clothing/posters

- Our rocket as exhibit for
your events

- Invitation to the CARL

- Invitation to Design

- Distribution of yourjob postings in internal communication

- Research results
and knowledge sharing

- Contact all our
partner institutes for
research, cooperation
or recruiting

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If you think that our projects sound exciting and you can offer us support, please feel free to contact us.
We are happy to receive any kind of help such as technical support,
production possibilities or donations in kind or financial help.
In return we can offer you the previous cooperation ideas
or also find a suitable solution for you together with you.

We have caught your interest ? Here is a brief summary of everything that we mentioned on this page as a PDF file: