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CARL 2 Launch at EUROC

The CARL 2 rocket was the follow-up project to STA's first competition rocket. Its design was based on that of CARL, with minor improvements in terms of manufacturing and ease of assembly. CARL 2 also featured an Altitude Control System in the form of airbrakes, meant to help the rocket reach its apogee of 3 km as precisely as possible. CARL 2 was successfully launched at the European Rocketry Challenge (EuRoC) in 2021 and flew to an apogee of roughly 2.9 km. Sadly, a failure in the main parachute deployment caused by excessive spin resulted in the rocket landing at above nominal speeds, resulting in a rupture of one of the body tubes. Nevertheless, all flight data was recovered and CARL 2's launch remains one of the greatest successes of STA.