Partners and Sponsoring

Our industry partners enable us to build projects we otherwise would never have the chance to work on. Without their support, we would not be able to achieve our goals.
Our sincere thanks go to them!



EPS and Dahua backed Space Team Aachen with both financial support and first and foremost with camera systems to monitor our engine tests. Operation rocket engines is dangerous, but their cameras keep us safe!


Kerschgens supports us with the raw materials and metalls we need for all our projects. From lightweight aluminium in our rockets to heavy steel for our engine test bench, Kerschgens has helped us realise our crazy projects.

Müller CoAx

Müller CoAx has given us the remote controlled, pneumatically actuated valves we need for all of our engine tests. They are perfectly suited for aerospace applications, and will even be used as the main oxidizer valve of our STAHR rocket.


National Instruments provided Space Team Aachen with the necessary controllers and data acquisition systems to run our test bench and gain valuable data from our rocket engine tests. Crucial data such as thrust or engine efficiency are only available to us through their systems and support.


Siemens supports us with a complete software package, helping us with tasks from computational fluid simulations to product data management. Our complete projects are built using their CAD software, Siemens NX.