Partners and Sponsoring

Our industry partners enable us to build projects we otherwise would never have the chance to work on. Without their support, we would not be able to achieve our goals.
Our sincere thanks go to them!



Siemens supports us with a complete software package, helping us with tasks from computational fluid simulations to product data management. Our complete projects are built using their CAD software, Siemens NX.

National Instruments

National Instruments provided Space Team Aachen with the necessary controllers and data acquisition systems to run our test bench and gain valuable data from our rocket engine tests. Crucial data such as thrust or engine efficiency are only available to us through their systems and support.

Stoke Space

Stoke Space provides us with their hardware management software, Fusion. This tool helps us track all of our parts and procedures during all development phases, accelerating the iterative design and manufacturing of our Hopper.



Associations & Foundations