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STAHR joins the STERN program

Since 2019 Space Team Aachen has been talking and working with the DLR (German Aerospace Center) towards becoming part of the STERN program, with the aim to up the size and quality of our rockets. We are thrilled to announce that after much work, we are now part of the third STERN cycle and will be launching a hybrid rocket from Esrange, Kiruna, Sweden in 2024.

The STERN program offers students in aerospace engineering at German universities a unique opportunity to design, build, and launch their own rocket over a period of three years with the aim to support student teams in the development of suborbital rockets. With support from the DLR institutes we will improve our initial designs and among other systems, bring our first hybrid propulsion system to life.

Until the launch we got much to do - it's only going to get more exiting from now on so stay tuned!