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STAHR Test Campaign at DLR Lampoldshausen

November marked a major milestone for our largest rocket project, STAHR. After months of preparation, the propulsion and test bench team was finally able to test our hybrid rocket engine at the M11 test stand in Lampoldshausen. During the two-week IB-1 test campaign, the team conducted five hot-fire tests, testing different fuel blends and burn times. The task of the propulsion and test bench team is to design, build and test the hybrid rocket engine for STAHR.

Pictured here is our fourth test where we burned a mixture of 10% polyethylene and 90% paraffin for 10 seconds.

These campaigns are a huge amount of work and require incredibly dedicated team members so a huge shout out and thank you goes to the test crew. This would also not have been possible without the dedication of the rest of the propulsion team during the campaign preparation!