Aquila Maris is Space Team Aachen’s new Rocket project, scheduled to launch from the new German Offshore Spaceport in the North Sea as part of Demo Mission #1 organized by GOSA, the German offshore spaceport alliance. Building on the design our student team has developed for its participation at the Spaceport America Cup2023, the planned launch from a floating sea platform and subsequent recovery of our rocket from the middle of the ocean results in a completely new set of challenges to resolve.
3 m
13 km
Max speed
1.8 Mach
SEA Recovery in 10 km radius
October 2023
Project Kick-Off
November 2023
Preliminary Design
December 2023
Manufacturing Phase
February 2024
Testing Phase
May 2024
Interested in launching the first student-built rocket from sea? We still have open positions!